fupa removal

fupa removal
fupa removal we have put together a number of videos to give you a different perspective about fupa and how to remove or get ride of it

I hope this was not too much for yall…im just keeping it real and hope this helps someone who is ashamed the way I am about the FUPA…surgery for the FUPA will be in a few months but I wanted to show it all at one time.


Jade Smith
Jade Smith1 year ago
Thank you for being brave and honest and willing to show us this part of your journey! God bless!
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belinda ball
belinda ball1 year ago
+Jade Smith I’m glad to do it and I hope that it helps others out in the near future…God Bless
MixtapeFlames7 months ago
This is where’s H3H3’s money is going? I need to donate right now
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Bob Patantay
Bob Patantay7 months ago
Geekygreek72 years ago
Belinda just want to say I’m proud of you for posting this! Was thinking of similar surgery and was wondering how it went for you and how it looks now! Would love to hear from you soon! 
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belinda ball
belinda ball2 years ago
david, it went pretty good…lots of ups and downs as to be expected…pain…swelling…follow visits…pain meds…and the emotional stuff is or can be tough…im doing pretty good a year after the surgeries…just remember it is different for everyone…keep me posted and good luck
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Dillon Martin
Dillon Martin2 years ago
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ravynwolfe1 year ago
Aw honey. You are such a wonderful human being showing this for others etc. I just want you to know that you are such a gorgeous spirit! God bless you honey!!!
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belinda ball
belinda ball1 year ago
+ravynwolfe awwww ty so you so much that really does mean a lot…god bless
January Carter
January Carter3 years ago
I love you ! You bravery ROCKS.
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belinda ball
belinda ball3 years ago
love you too!!…sometimes I don’t think its bravery I just think its crazy…lol
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Shawn Jones
Shawn Jones1 year ago
+belinda ball As someone who weighed 413 and lost it all I totally understand. and feel your pain. I recently was approved for the belly part removed thankfully but that was almost 6 years after my weight loss. Hang in there, there is always hope. As times change and as you keep it off new procedures are being approved by insurances each year!. Take care and if you ever need to talk I would love to be there for you!
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January Carter
January Carter3 years ago
Lol crazy is good. Keep on truckin!
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3 years ago
Praying for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. We Pre Ops need this info too. Praying God gives you the peace you need and the poor eyesight not to see what needs to be done at home for awhile so you will rest easier…lol..take care. Mary :)
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วสัน การเวก
วสัน การเวก1 year ago
วสัน การเวก
วสัน การเวก1 year ago
My Life
My Life3 years ago
wow you are so blessed to have the opportunity to get it all removed thanks for sharing you are truly brave 🙂 prayers your way that all goes well!
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changesby403 years ago
Belinda ,thank you for showing your stomach before surgery. I suffer with extra skin myself . But I can see how your surgery is a must and image how blessed you will feel after it’s done. I would think that movement after surgery is tough but your situation I would see you feel a lot lighter and not having the skin folds hanging would make you feel more free to move. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all turns outs. Wishing you the best tomorrow and hope for a fast recovery. Take care
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h ak
h ak4 months ago
thats fat not lose skin
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DabOnTheseBitches1 month ago
h ak It’s loose skin.
h ak
h ak1 month ago
haha indeed , so now i know u dont know how thin skin is .
Marissa C
Marissa C1 week ago
ive never came so hard in my life
HannibalLaughter2 months ago
Bro, you’re nasty. what the hell
Zisira7 months ago
Go vegan
I At least tryed
I At least tryed7 months ago
wtf is youtoob
Bri8 months ago
Your such a amazing woman!!! To show all. You give me some confidence girlfriend! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😊
John Nelson
John Nelson9 months ago
Stephanie Tapia
Stephanie Tapia10 months ago
im not the only one with a fupa .thank god
Commander Fox
Commander Fox10 months ago
Ew what the fuck??
Tamara Simon
Tamara Simon10 months ago
I get same rash… 21 yrs finely after fighting to get removed

ABOUT TODAY’S WORKOUT: If you’re like me and 95% of the population your lower belly region is a challenge. It tends to cary more fat and to pooch out over your waist band. This video is just for you because I am going to share a great tip to help you avoid increasing the pooch by creating muscle balance to help you have a healthy posture. I’ll share 3 of my favorite abdominal strengthening & hip flexor stretching exercises so that you can reduce your pooch.

NOTE: I kept referring to the quads (hip flexors) as the hamstrings in the video and I don’t know why!


Gwen McEvoy
Gwen McEvoy5 months ago
she sounds like yoga jones from oitnb lol
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Sandok_032 days ago
If anyone wants to uncоooover aching hip flexors best workout for hips try How To Get Rid Of Your Lоwеr Belly Poоch
Teresa Angom
Teresa Angom2 hours ago
Gwen McEvoy 😂
bubble gum
bubble gum4 months ago
Was anyone else just watching and not going along? Only me? Okay.
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Heyitsmoriah1 month ago
bubble gum me
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FieryMK3 weeks ago
bubble gum Does it workm
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Sonia List
Sonia List7 months ago
video starts at 2:05
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Shalom Macwan
Shalom Macwan4 months ago
hahaha thanks
it helps😂😂
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maaddy1 month ago
thankyouu I really needed that
RudriDave4 months ago
the music in the beginning is dan’s internet support group music lmao
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Meagan Wood
Meagan Wood4 days ago
Vilja S
Vilja S3 days ago
i was just about to comment that!
Kam Awesome
Kam Awesome5 months ago
I want to be the first to say that she is in incredible shape yet she doesn’t have a thigh gap. #Endthegapcraze
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Salome Wachira
Salome Wachira1 month ago
+Sophia Snyder me too
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Subramanium T.M
Subramanium T.M1 week ago
pancake fluff bb
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Laura Rodriguez
Laura Rodriguez3 weeks ago
I am in perfect shape I just have lower belly fat. I know I am only 12 but I have to get in shape so I can be healthy looking grown up
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mary Paradis
mary Paradis4 months ago
she has a pouch though lol
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Eva Philly
Eva Philly2 weeks ago
+Safia Abdul I’m sorry, but what are you talking about now?
Safia Abdul
Safia Abdul2 weeks ago
Eva Philly Its just ignorant. You can’t say an ignorant.
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stay black
stay black4 months ago
why dont they never tell u how many times to do it how many times a week how many times a day nothin.
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Wilfred2 weeks ago
stay black do them every day and as many as you can
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Selena Adri
Selena Adri1 day ago
stay black she already answered that question in the first comment
Hannah Goodsell
Hannah Goodsell5 months ago
Pooch must be an American term because a pooch for us Brits is a dog. And we would cool the “fat” bit a pouch.
Lovely video though :)
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1OO1O11O11O1O2 weeks ago
Hannah Goodsell She’s just pronouncing it strangely.
welcome to the 301 club
welcome to the 301 club2 weeks ago
Hannah Goodsell ha I call it a biscuit belly 😂😂 way to make exercising fun!
Valentine Mistress
Valentine Mistress4 months ago
That dog is adorable! <3
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Rubina Sami
Rubina Sami3 months ago
+thea loves
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TheSkinnyFairy3 months ago
I was thinking the same :)
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WindWipper3 months ago
It’s amazing that you can talk while doing these! I find myself either holding my breath or trying to breathe.

Btw, such a cute pooch (pochie) you have! Adorable.
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WindWipper3 months ago
Oops. Typo there. I meant poochie.
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Sarah Condry
Sarah Condry4 months ago
But your hamstring is on the BACK of your leg….quads and psoas muscles are on the front….
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Rosario Colon
Rosario Colon4 months ago
she corrects herself in the description :)
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Moon Emoji
Moon Emoji6 months ago
Someone send this to h3h3 😂😂😂
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Marco Polo
Marco Polo4 months ago
Ethan will crown her THE QUEEN OF CRINGE
sudha sudhakar
sudha sudhakar2 months ago
Papa Frank
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payton thomas
payton thomas3 months ago
Anyone recognize the music from the beginning? couch Dan Howell’s Internet support group couch
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madison vogel
madison vogel2 months ago
payton thomas couch?
Fromhamstertohorse1 month ago
payton thomas couch😂
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Astrid Gomez
Astrid Gomez4 months ago
she reminds me of that old lady that does yoga in orange is the new black😂
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Connie M
Connie M3 months ago
haha! She has the same voice
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Soy Lusha papu :v
Soy Lusha papu :v1 week ago
Astrid Gomez YAS OMG
Krazy Archer21
Krazy Archer213 months ago
I did this in bed lol
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Yosi Osiris
Yosi Osiris2 months ago
That dog. 😂😂😂
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DahRealSquidward2 months ago
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Kate Ambrosi
Kate Ambrosi1 month ago
+DahRealSquidward Love the profile pic 😂😂
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Stephanie C
Stephanie C3 weeks ago
Is it normal when you sit you have like rolls but when. I stand up I look healthy
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Wilfred2 weeks ago
Stephanie C I look fat as fuck when I sit , but look okay when standing lol. gravity isn’t your friend
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Karla Valdez
Karla Valdez4 days ago
Stephanie C it’s totally normal. No matter how skinny you are your skin will still fold when you’re sitting or anything like that. That’s just skin being skin.
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Atithi stha
Atithi stha2 months ago
please help how can I focus more because out of 7 minutes 5sec I took break of 5 minutes