This Father Had A Great Idea To Get His Baby To Fall Asleep Instantly

This Father Had A Great Idea To Get His Baby To Fall Asleep Instantly

Are you a parent then you know Just how hard it can be
to put your child to sleep some times.

You may have tried everything singing the bed time song
rocking your baby but no luck the baby just wont sleep.

But this Dad found the right note to get his 5 moth
baby to sleep even though the baby had an ear infection.
her is what the dad had to say…

“Brahms’ Lullaby has always been a favorite of mine. So when last night baby Sam was having a difficult time sleeping due to an ear ache, I thought I’d take an impromptu attempt at playing Brahms’ Lullaby to see if he would fall asleep. This was the result…”

It is reported that the father say he continues to play music and sing for his baby every night.
take a look at the video to see how this father Make His Baby Fall Asleep Is Absolutely Adorable
just love it what do you think?

Thank you Reilly. He’s a special boy. Have a great day.

James Clarno1
So apparently I finally found my doppelganger. I think you might be my long lost twin brother! Not trying to be a weirdo but my wife found this video on Facebook and showed it to me and we were both shocked at the resemblance. Funny thing is, I play music too, though I play guitar. Your stuff sounds good! You have the talent and obviously the good looks to go far my friend!
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xxzxzxzxzxz xzxzxxzxz
xxzxzxzxzxz xzxzxxzxz6 days ago
so cute baby and good father

Meanwhile in asia the baby plays this for the father xD

BeardedPiano3 weeks ago

Eric Blade
I’ll be honest, watching this made me cry, mostly from how beautiful it was. I watch something like this and 10% of me wonders (and I know how selfish this sounds) why couldn’t I have a father like this in my life, why wasn’t mine loving or wanted me but then I think how lucky this little guy is to have such an amazing dad and how wonderful his life will be. Keep doin what you’re doin. You have a lot of respect from me. Much love
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That’s not selfish at all, Eric. Everyone deserves a loving, gentle father, and the fact that we don’t all have one is a great sadness. Some of us just need to find that kind of parental love elsewhere.

Eric Blade
+Sandy Swartzentruber Thanks 🙂 I do have it elsewhere and, to be fair, my grandfather is the dad I’ve never had

Max Bobby
happy new year beardedpiano special wishes to your beautiful baby

Max Bobby Happy New Year to you too! Thank you. :)