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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Best Health insurance, Healthcare System ,Economics of Healthcare,Buying a Health insurance Health Insurance for Self Employed

This cartoon explains health insurance using fun, easy-to-understand scenarios. It breaks down important insurance concepts, such as premiums, deductibles and provider networks. The video explains how individuals purchase and obtain medical care and prescription drugs when enrolled in various types of health insurance, including HMOs and PPOs.

This is the third YouToons video written and produced by the Kaiser Family Foundation. The video is narrated by former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, a nationally-recognized surgeon and Foundation trustee.

Health Insurance Explained – The YouToons Have It Covered

This video blog discusses the factors to be considered to select the best health insurance plan. It is important to understand the impact of each factor on your health insurance policy. Thanks to IRDA, In case, you are not happy with your existing mediclaim policy, you can always transfer the same to another health insurance provider
HEALTH INSURANCE – How to choose the Best Health insurance plan

for selecting a health insurance policy claim settlement ratio is an important parameter, according to you what is a good claim settlement ratio?

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It will be better, if you explain in our Mother toung.Maximum people will get befited.

Sir Which policies are providing maternity cover?

Very nice
please tell us which health insurance is best for me at kolkata

sir health ins cos opareting profit is negative bur their other income is more that shows profit
please howto evaluate

Sir I have big confusion.. regarding my parent’s health policy my father is 60 year 8 month old which is the Best one and where I can get it.

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Do not get this insurance they do not pay coverage.
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Sir, I am a government employee and CGHS facility is available to me….. Should I take mediclaim policy along with my CGHS?

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I want to buy a health insurance so,U please suggest a good family plan.

What is the difference between health insurance, term insurance, and life insurance?

every Insurance has bad reviews on mouth shut. com

Ever wondered how the healthcare system in the USA worked? We explain everything in this video!

Did anyone else notice that the IV bag and the tissues were in the wrong place?

They should stop funding bombs and start funding hospitals

Who knew health care could be so complicated

It’s more expensive to have a chronic illness than to own a car ??

About 45K people die simply because they don’t have access to healthcare in the US.. America pay almost twice as much per capita than any other countries, yet doesn’t have better outcomes.

Here in New Zealand every citizen is entitled to comprehensive healthcare. If you visit the doctor you only have to pay the consultation fee. Hospitals and surgeries are essentially free and if you need medication, almost everything is subsidized so heavily that you only have to pay a couple of dollars to fill a prescription. It really makes you feel like your taxes are being put to good use.

“Don’t call an ambulance” damn, Im so American. I have said that so many times myself lmao.

“Only $500.” Dude you have any idea how happy i was when i found $1 on the ground at 4Am at work today?
I thought it was a Trap.

I can’t believe how bad the US treats their people

Is funny because United States is only powerful when it comes to army and who got more guns other than that the country is a mess

It doesn’t matter how much money you make. If you get sick in America you’re screwed. Insurence companies are part of the problem since it spikes the price of everything.

I’ll save you the time: it’s nonexistent

Haha, the closest Infographics Show will get to politics.

US healthcare system explained: It sucks. The end.

Health Care is not a privilege but a necessity!
NHS is not perfect, it has massive problems which it needs to fix. But hopefully it will never be privatised.

In two words: Be rich

Care is calculated by the size of your wallet.

Universal Health Care is NOT a radical idea! Honestly there are a lot of scare stories about it in the US media but it works very well elsewhere

How to stay healthy.
Don’t get sick.

Universal healthcare and free education ftw

Here in Spain, if you have a cancer and it gets detected in time, you can’t leave the hospital until you had a treatment planned to get it under control. For free. Sometimes goverment calls for parts of the population under a health risk of any kind to get to a health centre asap to start preventive campagins against it. FOR FREE.
Americans, where does your taxes go? Oh yeah, guns….
As a European, I’m really wondering: who makes a profit from this situation? Let’s face it: if nobody would make a profit from this situation, it would have been changed already.

There should definitely be a single payer healthcare system in the US, like every other industrialized nation has.

Healthcare in the US can be quite expensive so some people travel out of the US for health issues.

Jesus.. I’m glad I’m not American

The film highlights the plight of the millions of US citizens who have no healthcare cover.

But perhaps more shockingly, it shows how even those who have paid thousands often find that their policies are worthless when they need medical attention.

The American healthcare system is predicated on profit above all else.

There’s your explanation!

America is a joke???

In Portugal you need to pay user fees according to what it will do. For example, an appointment with a doctor at a health post costs around € 5! If you go to the hospital emergency room, it costs an average of € 20.
Values are increasing as required by doctors. To make an x-ray or take an injection, you will pay about € 2, for example.
You pay, but it’s not absurd.

Its funny how americans make fun of the NHS but the fact is it works and people are alive

The Hospitals in America aren’t for the people

1# Superpower= America
1# Military
1# Communist raper
Not 1# Healthcare?

bolt-action gaming

Nice videeoo bro!!

How to save money for healthcare in America : don’t get sick

Can someone just like my comment


I live in Denmark So i dont have to Worry about any of That shit?

Im glad i live in Denmark we have free health care becausec og our taxes are the go over the health care?

The Economics of Healthcare: Crash Course Econ

Why is health care so expensive? Once again, there are a lot of factors in play. Jacob and Adriene look at the many reasons that health care in the US is so expensive, and what exactly we get for all that money. Spoiler alert: countries that spend less and get better results are not that uncommon.

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Why do some of the stock photos flicker like that? It’s REALLY offputting.

I’m a doctor in the US and my opinion on the higher than average global doctor pay is due to the letigius society we live in. My malpractice insurance is very high and there are many times that I need to run costly tests to confirm what I already know just by looking at the patient. If I am wrong in my diagnosis or miss anything, I get sued. By having all these extra tests to confirm my diagnosis, I have a leg to stand on in court to defend myself.
I don’t know who is going to sue me, so I have to do all these tests on everyone. This drives the total cost up (due to the quantity of procedures) and the cost per procedure is high to cover my costs associated with running my practice.
They call it “defensive medicine” because you are doing all these extra things to defend yourself in court when you get sued.

Who came up with that ‘bermuda triangle “joke”‘? And how did everyone say ‘okay, let’s go with this’ ??? So random…

The very fact that you refer to healthcare as a market is what makes your healthcare system so fundamentally broken.

Stop that flickering dimming of the edge of the picture!

I was distracted by the acdc belt buckle for a moment

Bernie supporters in the house?
sounds of European laughter

Vote Bernie. Fix this mess.

I think it’s very simple as to why healthcare costs so much; unlike most products, healthcare is a necessary one. I can choose not to buy a certain TV or something that I want but costs too much, and my refusal to buy it leads to its depreciation over time, so that I could probably buy it for less in half a year or more.

With healthcare, I cannot refuse to pay. If I break my leg, I cannot work, and so I must get it treated ; I must accept the price of the health provider. If I refuse their price and look for another one, not only will I find myself in an administrative hassle but also I will not be able to work for weeks, sometimes months, putting myself in great debt.

This is why regulations exist. You can’t expect the free market to govern itself when it’s making a profit off of sickness and disease.

US MRI machines offer patients a Big Mac while they’re in the machine.

I pay for healthcare for everyone by paying tax. I can go to a public hospital and get the same quality of care as people who go to private hospitals and have private health insurance. I don’t have insurance of any kind, but I can still go to the dentist, I can still get a broken bone repaired or go through a PET scanner or MRI and claim back some of the cost for these services. The tax I pay allows everyone the same right be they young or old, infirm or at peak health, people of different ethnicity. Tax should benefit everyone, healthcare should be a federal concern.

isn’t the iron triangle really just bribery and corruption?

yeah just throw a triangle joke in there and keep everything else serious.

Fun fact: as of right now, in the UK, junior doctors are on strike over a contract being imposed by the government. Not least of the issues doctors are concerned over is the creeping influence of American-style private companies into our beloved NHS. This episode couldn’t have come at a better time!

The jokes in these videos are really lame and cringeworthy. Leave them out and keep it informative.

And Canadians go to the US for medical care because of unbearable waiting.

ALERT: Politics and controversy below! Proceed with caution!

The Canadian system is often cited by Americans advocating for single payer, but it is rarely portrayed with any nuance.

Single payer healthcare in Canada worked well when the baby boomers were entering th work force and contributed heavily into a system with few older users. Now it is becoming increasingly rationed and a parallel private system is slowly supplementing procedures like MRIs, x-rays and elective surgeries. Patients unable to afford access to the parallel private system who don’t face imminent health issues languish for months or years on waiting lists. For instance, I was once put on a five year waiting list for a consultation with and an orthopaedic surgeon. I paid out of pocket and had a consultation with the same surgeon at his private clinic two weeks later.

The single payer system has its strengths as well but it does no one any good to give short shrift to its weaknesses.

I wish you’d get rid of the annoying flickering in the frames around stock photos? It adds nothing, in annoying, and might even cause epileptic seizures. I’ll even make a deal with you: Get rid of it and I’ll support the channel on Patreon.

The flashing screen at 04:40 could be an epilepsy hazard? But hey, at least it’s on a healthcare video!

The fact that Obama didn’t go full NHS (which still allows the rich to go privately too!) is disappointing.

I don’t understand this. The UK, who’s healthcare is completely government funded, pays less per person than the US, who’s healthcare is largely private

live in the uk not a issue lol free healthcare via tax having a single unified system drive down costs.

Just get rid of all the regulations and establish a public option. That should be a bypartisan approach.

Bye Jacob, the vids have been really good. Good luck with your textbook!

Capitalism explains why USA spends much more than other developed nations on health.

sigh… I miss John Green.

I trust government far more than capitalism.
Good luck on your textbook in Canada Jacob, you’ve been most informative.

Jacob have fun in Canada, I hope you get some maple syrup and sell it to Adriene.
By the way, I used to be a banker.
Until I lost Interest.

If healthcare is a right and not a privledge, is it not the job of a government to protect that right?

Oh God, the video flashes a lot when the images with Vignettes come up, It creates such a seizure inducing effect @_@

In the MRI scene, they changed the cityscape outside the window, but the outlets inside the room were still European.

We need a single payer healthcare system!

Good bye, Jacob. Thanks for everything!

We all know the candidate to solve that

I’m a medical laboratory professional and the number of “lab errors ” can differ depending on the source . Many times preanalytical errors , like those made by the Doctor or nurse before the lab got the samples are called ,” lab errors ” and are falsely recorded as such . Many places have nurses drawing blood , which does not make much sense , nurses get little if any training on proper specimen collection in school . The quality of the lab results are only as good as the samples the lab receives

When she said the iron triangle, I believed her. Her voice is that soothing. Is that weird?

Ugh, American’s always make jokes about coming to Canada and ‘enjoying’ our free healthcare. Newsflash we charge Americans. And we charge them DOUBLE. Source? I work in healthcare.

Also on what Canadians pay for – most prescriptions are partially covered through Provincial drug plans, the rest of our covered health care is federal AND the current government wants to make prescriptions federally covered as well.

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Health Insurance

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