The only limits in life are the ones you make.


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Personality – Do You Test Your Limits?

The only limits in life are the ones you make . Are you a normal person or you normally test your limits? Let me explain what I am saying. Many of us love extreme actions and test ourselves to the extreme whenever the opportunity arises. For example, if there is a stunt event in the town, such people will go and watch it and then try the same stunt without any training. They risk their life in many such adventures but that is their nature. Are you one of these?

In business and job, such people will again react and act in extreme manner. Other co-workers will think many times before approaching boss for anything, but not those who test their limits. They think nothing of he consequences. They act like this in all life situations.


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Why these people act like this? They probably enjoy adventure. They don’t care for the results. They are ready to face the worst and also don’t fear the worst. They have great confidence and belief in themselves. For them the whole life is an adventure.

it sounds strange but it is true. Few days back a young boy of about four and half years ran non-stop for sixty-five kilometers in India. If this is not testing the limits then what is it? The boy is adventurous and so is the coach. Though Government Of India is looking at this as violation of human right, because the child can suffer irreparable damage to his bones and kidneys, this example tells about how such people test the limits.

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