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Healthy Snacks and recipes

We Enjoy Healthy Snacks and recipes

Healthy snack recipes abound. There is a problem however with the way you think about snacks. Let’s explore what constitutes a healthy snack food then we will build them into healthy snack recipes.

Fast Food Is Bad

Fast Food Healthy snack recipes abound

The first thing you have to admit to yourself is that fast food is bad for you. Of course, you know this. It is a well-known fact.

But what is a fast food?

Why is it bad for you?

Let’s take those questions in order.


yellow corn snack on glass bowl


What do you think fast food  is? Fast food is ready-to-eating victuals. It may be a burger and fries from the local fast food joint. Or it may be a “quick snack” wrapped in cellophane. Any food of this type is bad for you.

Why are they bad? Fast foods are bad for you because they usually contain high amounts of fat, some of which are the particularly harmful trans-fats. Trans-fats are chemically changed to give foods containing them a longer shelf life.

Unfortunately, trans-fats have been shown by numerous studies to promote heart and arterial disease. It may take years or decades for these disease processes to present themselves but they cause havoc (and possibly even death) when they do become evident.

Fast foods also contain unnecessarily large amounts of sugar and/or salt which can be harmful in the long run. Studies have shown arterial plaques forming in very small children who consume these types of foods. That is the reason for the alarm.

Wise Eating
Energy Bars
List of party snacks to serve to kids
Indian snacks for the parties
Savory snacks recipes for parties

So what food is good for a snack?

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Wise Eating

Naturally healthy foods such as raw vegetables make excellent healthy snacks.

The raw food enzymes found in them are necessary for proper digestion and a number of bodily functions.

But what if you don’t like vegetables?

You can use a cream cheese fruit dip as a vegetable dip. A sweet, creamy dip may help you make the transition to healthier eating. Try this dip and serve it with vegetables and fruit.

Cream Cheese and Yogurt Vegetable/Fruit Dip

*Eight ounces of fat-free cream cheese, softened
*Eight ounces of non-fat plain yogurt
*Two tablespoons of honey

Beat cream cheese until fluffy then slowly add yogurt and honey while continuing to beat the mix.

Garnish with varying strips of smashed coconut and finely ground nuts.

The folks who are into healthy eating know that wise eating habits include

preparing tasty foods that just happen to be good for you.

You can’t expect to eat foods that don’t taste good.

Olive Oil Bread/Vegetable Dip

Olive oil is a good foundation for a heart-smart diet and is easily used to create healthy snack recipes.

snack drink smoothy

To slowly change your eating habits to a healthier style you have to take baby steps.

This will allow you time to learn to appreciate new foods you may not have tried before.

Try this snack idea:
Mix the following in a shallow bowl:
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1 teaspoon of minced garlic
1 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper
1 teaspoon dried basil
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon dried rosemary
1 teaspoon kosher salt

Pour 1/3-cup extra virgin olive oil (first pressed) over the seasoning mixture. Serve with hearty whole grain bread. Don’t use tasteless white bread!

Cut the whole grain bread into strips and toast in the oven on a baking sheet. You can stagger strips of colorful raw vegetables in a circular pattern on a platter interspersed with strips of toasted bread to make a great visual presentation for your snack.

It is a wonderful snack for a guest that doesn’t take much time to prepare and is good cheap food so it’s easy on your wallet.

There are indeed healthy snacks that you can munch on which will not cause any ill effects to your weight loss plan. Let me list 5 healthy snacks right here which you can gobble and munch without any guilt:


we love popcorn photo of popcorn

I will bet a lot of people do not know that popcorn is high in fiber and low in fat.

I was from this lot of people.

I always thought popcorn was just another sweet snack until I did my research.

My research finding shows that popcorn actually keeps our digestive system in

good shape and it even has a role in steadying our blood sugar levels.

To top it up, popcorn also contains:

– a high amount of protein compared to any other cereal grain
– more iron compared to eggs, spinach, peanuts or roast beef
– more fiber and phosphorous than ice cream cones, potato chips, or pretzels.

Thus, popcorn is easily one of the really healthy snacks around.

Just remember to be mindful of the kind of popcorn you’ll snack on:

a little butter or oil taste better, but without and plain popcorn is still best.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables have a lot of wholesome goodness that we should not just restrict it for lunch or dinner. We should accord fruits and vegetables due to consideration as one of our weight loss healthy snacks. During snack times, you can quickly whip up some carrots and cucumbers with a little dip of dressing. Alternatively, you can prepare a bowl of sliced apples, pears or guavas when hunger strikes.


red raspberries yogurt on clear drinking glass

Healthy snacks number three is Yogurt. Yogurt is known to be good for our digestive system as it promotes good bacteria for eliminating waste in our body. It is likewise low in fat as well as high in calcium. For weight loss, the low-fat varieties are the best choice.

Energy Bars

Energy bars are generally low in fat and high in protein and carbohydrates. They make great healthy snacks as they are also fortified with vitamins and minerals. Eating one or two energy bars will provide you with the necessary recommended daily intake of nutrients. More importantly for fellow weight loss enthusiasts, energy bars are a form of solid food and can help us curb those hunger pangs.

Low -Fat Cheese

Low-fat cheese retains all the nutritional benefits of normal cheese with a lesser amount of fats. It is a great nutritional snack for people who are trying to lose weight.

What about party snacks?

Whenever you’re planning a party, whether it be a family reunion, baby or bridal shower, chances are you’re going to have to cater to some finicky eaters. No, not your adult guests, but any kids that might be at the event. Chances are they won’t appreciate your salmon mousse canapés or the crudité table. However, there are some easy, fun snacks for the party and appetizers for kids that will keep them happy, full, and enjoying the party.


List of party snacks to serve to kids:

Chicken Fingers
You can’t go wrong with chicken fingers. Every kid goes nuts for chicken fingers; like they’re ambrosia to their palates. Instead of serving a boring platter of the finger food, you can have fun with it by serving chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs or geometric shapes. Your grocer’s freezer section should have these items. Or, you could cook up chicken tenders or strips and skewer them for easier handling and eating. To really kick up the platter for the kids, have a selection of sauces for dipping: Barbecue sauce, honey mustard, ranch dressing, and, of course, ketchup.

Pigs in a blanket are an all-time favorite and party hit. Get your favorite biscuit of crescent roll canned dough and couple it with hot dogs or cocktail wieners for a fun party snack for kids. Wrap the dough in shapes, designs, or swirls that will puff up during baking. Again, you can skewer the snack once baked to make it more fun and accessible to your smaller guests. To really kick it up, add small pieces of cheddar cheese into the wrapped dough for an extra yummy treat.

Finger Sandwiches
Just as you’d serve a classy cucumber, egg salad, and/or tuna finger sandwiches to your older guests, why not thrill the younger set with their own “gourmet” finger sandwiches. Cut off the crusts from white and wheat bread and serve up peanut butter and jelly, tuna, and ham and cheese mini finger sandwiches for the kids. They’re quick and fun to eat and you won’t have plates of uneaten crusts when they’re done.

Most kids plan their meals around what’s for dessert. So why not offer a fun treat for your smaller guests at your party? Mix up a batch of your favorite chocolate and vanilla pudding mixes. Using small coffee cups, layer the chocolate and vanilla pudding until it’s filled. Then, add whipped topping and a cherry to the top. Little hands will love digging through the delicious treat, discovering the different layers of pudding. This is sure to keep them happy and busy.

Trail mix
Trail mix is another great party snack to have on hand for kids. Since they love cereal so much, toss together some cereal party mix with two or three favorite (non-sugary) peanuts, pretzels, flavors, and chocolate candies. This is one appetizer that even the adult guests will be diving in to get.

photo of datescooked food

All of these recipes, snack, and appetizer ideas for the kid will work for any event you’re planning. If you’ve got kids coming to a baby or bridal shower, prepare a separate table for their snacks and appetizers so they know it’s just for them. This will keep them happy and occupied while the bridal shower games commence and the presents are opened. These snack ideas are guaranteed to be a hit.

Indian snacks for the parties

Indian cooking formulas for Ariselu change depending on how you decipher it. Ariselu is chunks of rice flour and jaggery syrup. The ball is then covered with sesame before it is a profound companion. Bandaru Ladoo, then again, is relatively like Ariselu, however, spirals of gram flour are added to make the recipe more delectable. Sarkarrai Pongal, a most loved of numerous in the Pongal formula list, is cooked rice with drain and dried natural products.

As opposed to popular thinking, there are significantly more Indian nourishment recipes than the run of the mill curry, crisp, and oil. Indian cooking is a standout amongst the most differing on the planet. There are Indian food recipes from South India, North India, and some more. Indian cooking is extremely fulfilling and offers a considerable measure of food for you to appreciate cooking and obviously, to appreciate eating.

Snacks are an imperative piece of day by day sustenance, however far too frequently when hunger between dinners emerges, most people select to pick an unhealthy method to fulfill their craving. This ordinarily implies a pop and a pack of potato chips or a confection, which are all not beneficial contributions to the body.

chicken curry with spices dish full recipe

Savory snacks recipes for parties

Savory Martabak is exceptionally scrumptious as a snack and as an organization for white rice as a side dish. This snack is cherished by numerous individuals particularly in West Java, Bandung, Indonesia.

We utilize so many leeks and eggs to make this savory and scrumptious snack. Also, it’s entirely simple to make. You can make your eating table in barely short of time where the entire family repeatedly taste this snacks. Everyone would love this. No doubt about it.

Utilize the glue of gulai to make this snack.

The fixings to make the glue:

5 Red Chilies

10 shallots

5 cloves garlic

5 candlenuts

1 tsp turmeric powder

1 tbs coriander powder

1/2 tsp anise

1/4 tsp fennel seeds


Make a smooth glue of this above fixings. You can utilize nourishment processor if you like it. It’s quick and simple. Or then again you can utilize mortar and pestle in a customary way. Put the glue aside.

The elements for the martabak:

1 kg leeks (you can likewise utilize spring onions, however leeks are considerably less expensive and less work than spring onions), hacked

12 medium eggs

1 kg of grounded meat (utilize low-fat meat, don’t utilize grounded pork, it’s excessively fat)

1 pack lumpia sheets

Vegetable oil

eggplants and tomatoes pineapple fruit on pod


Set a wok on the medium fire without oil, include the grounded meat. Mix it at times until the point when the sauce from the meat relatively gone

Include the glue that you`re already made. Blend it with the meat until well. Expel from the fire.

Include into the large bowl, the cleaved leeks, the eggs, and the grounded meat. Combine it until well. Include some salt if necessary.

Spread out the lumpia or spring move sheets and put a portion of the blend amidst it, Fold one side and take after the left and the correct side. What’s more, at the edge of the sheets make it tight with a few eggs blend. It must be level, not as a lumpia.

Prepared in the flat dish with a smidgen oil, on low fire. Be cautious, the fire not very high, the martabak would be prepared too early however inside it’s not by any means done.

Ideally, all the above thoughts have inspired you to begin making your own healthy snacks for work so you will never need to resort on making unhealthy vending machine buys on your break. Keep in mind, keeping up a healthy life is a culmination of numerous little choices made consistently. snacks are certainly incorporated into these decisions. Equip yourself and you will have healthy snacks for work making it one step closer to a healthy life.
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