Love Healthy Money

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Tips To Being A Happier And Healthier Person

lets take a look at the 3 big topic in our life Love Healthy Money we start with health then take a look at Love

and thirdly money

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Personal development is easily considered a key to personal happiness. Those who are happy with their lives and themselves as an individual are more likely to live longer and be healthier. There are many simple ways to find yourself, work on yourself and commit to yourself on a daily basis.

Do what you love. Most people think that going where the money is will help them reach their goals. This could not be furthest from the truth. The most successful people in the world became successful by doing what they love. Even if your personal goals are not career or money orientated, having something you are passionate about – even if it is only as a hobby – is the key to true happiness. all about Love Healthy Money

It is completely natural and healthy to express feelings of anger but you should do it when you are calm. You need to express those negative feelings if you are ever going to find a way to resolve them but doing it when you are already angry is not going to help anyone.

Don’t just write your goals down, take the time to visualize them. What are the opportunities you gain for succeeding? Imagine what it will be like to achieve specific goals and feel the emotions that your imagination brings to you. Do this each and every day and you’ll keep motivated and on the right path until you succeed.

No matter what aspect of yourself that you decide to improve you can be sure that there are other people out there working on the same thing. Try to find these people either in every day life or in online forums so that you can share tips as well as have support. all about Love Healthy Money

In order to help make yourself grow as a person, you may want to consider finding something you are good at, such as a sport or a hobby. The best way for you to get confidence is if you find something that you are good at. It will make you feel accomplished.

Break those bad habits! Habits like smoking and drinking alcohol are not just bad for your health, they negatively influence others’ opinions of you. They even negatively influence your opinion of yourself. Furthermore, bad habits are often expensive! Make the decision to be rid of them once and for all!

Take the time to set up a fall back plan for all instances that can go wrong in your life. If you plan for the things that can go wrong, you are sure to find it easier to deal with these situations. Make plans for financial, personal and professional fall-outs that may happen but do not dwell on the fact that they can happen. all about Love Healthy Money

As said above, there are many ways to work on personal development. Reading, writing, diet and exercise, helping others and trying to learn more about yourself are all good starters to becoming a more fulfilled individual. Start slowly and keep progressing further and further and eventually you will find yourself.


You Can Have Love That Never Ends

all about Love Healthy Money If you were to ask someone if they wanted more love in their life, it is very unlikely that they would say they wouldn’t and that they don’t need any more. That would be like saying you don’t need to ever eat again because you are full. Even if our lives were full of love we would still want to experience more of it, because love is never ending and the more love we have the more we will have to give away.

But how do we give love away? Before we can answer that question, we must attempt to define love or agree upon what love is. Because love is fathomless, we cannot completely understand its depth. And our attempts to define it often confine its meaning and eternal quality. However, we know when we experience love. And we can identify love in how it is expressed.

Love is communicated to us in many ways. Sometimes it is in words or someone’s thoughtfulness. We recognize it when we are treated with kindness and respect. We also communicate our love by our faithfulness, generosity, and selflessness. There are many different attributes that we associate with love. I believe there are ten key attributes that communicate true love most fully. I devote a chapter to each one of them in my ebook, Live to Love: 10 Powerful Ways to Communicate and Experience Love. In it you will discover how we communicate our love or lack of it every day. Love is more than words and it runs deeper than feelings. Love is what we live for. We love and we want to be loved. all about Love Healthy Money

We look for loving qualities in people and that is what often attracts us to them. Besides being drawn to their personality, appearance, common interests, and so forth, we look for qualities that communicate love, warmth, and acceptance. If we want to build a relationship with someone, we want a connection that is deeper and founded on the attributes of love.

Loving people draw others to them. We all like to be around someone who makes us feel valued and who treats us as important. We like being around someone who is thoughtful toward us; someone who cares about our feelings; someone who can be trusted and is honest with us. We like people who make us feel good about ourselves—people who listen and understand us; people who want to help us and will go of their way for us; people who are happy when we succeed; people who appreciate us. We all like to be around people who make us feel genuinely loved.

Earlier we said that the more love we give away, the more love it is that we will have to give. Love isn’t love until you give it away. We give love away when its attributes are evident and expressed in our life. We can all grow in the various attributes of love, and we can begin to express love more fully in our lives and relationships. Remember, we will never run out of love as long as we keep on

About Author:
Krystal Kuehn, MA, LPC, LLP, NCC is a psychotherapist, author, teacher, and cofounder of She is featured in numerous newspapers and her many articles, pamphlets, and books are read worldwide. Krystal’s best-selling ebooks can be found at



Mindset To Attract Money

all about Love Healthy Money Of the many personal development books about attracting money that I have read, I have found a common thread on the basics of money attraction. Similarly, when you go online and search on the same subject, the same tips will be found.

So what is the fundamental foundation to attract money and wealth? It is your thinking and mindset that will set the stage for attracting money. So in order to be able to attract money naturally, you must learn how to use mindset to attract money.

You need to train your mind into believing that you already have what you wanted, and then your life will miraculously change to reflect your new belief. The following attracting money mindset tips may sound like mumbo jumbo hocus pocus to you, but they are common refrains from great money making gurus. They constantly repeat these 5 tips to train their mind to attract wealth and money.

Tip 1 – Act and behave like you are already rich.You must act and believe you have always wanted is already yours. In this instance, it is money. So act as if you already have the money you wish to have. Ask yourself, if I am already rich, what would I do, how would I act, how would I feel, and then act, feel and do it.

By behaving and acting rich, you are teaching your mind that you are expanding your limitations, and as you practice this you will begin to purchase more of the things you want in your life and the money will come to you to pay for them. Want to be rich, then do this. This is the law of the universe.

Tip 2 – Be thankful and show gratitude for any money you receive. To attract money, you must show gratitude for the money which is already in your life. Instead of complaining how little money you have, be grateful that you already have money and will have more and give thanks to God or whatever greater power you believe in.

The next time when you get some money, instead of barely noticing it, take a few moments to give thanks to the universe or God for bringing this money into your wallet or bank account. Every time you receive your paycheck or every time you earned some money do stop and appreciate the fact that money is flowing into your life. By being grateful for money flowing to you, more money will be attracted to you.

Tip 3 – Find a dime on the sidewalk, keep it.In order to attract money into your life, your subconscious mind must be open to the idea of money flowing to you. You must be open and receptive to any money coming to you from any moral source. If you see a dime on the street, and your usual reaction is probably to ignore it. By doing that, you are teaching your subconscious mind that you are not willing to put out effort for money.

Your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between a dime and a million bucks. All that your mind registers is how you feel and that thought will be stashed somewhere in your subconscious mind that you do not want to attract money.

This mindset can also come in many other forms such as whenever you do not accept a gift or do not charge someone for work done or charge them way less than you should be or you sell a product for less than it is worth, you are creating the same emotions. So if you want to attract money, you must accept the money that is rightfully yours including that dime on the street. all about Love Healthy Money

Tip 4 – Be open to money making opportunities
Ask yourself this question. Why it is rich people always have money making opportunities and that you don’t? The answer is that you are simply not looking for opportunities hard enough or when opportunities come along, you are too lazy to take them or are even skeptical.

The difference between rich and poor people is that rich people realize that new opportunities are always all around them. You simply need to keep a look out for the opportunities, keep an open mind, and be prepared to take advantage when the opportunity comes knocking and do open the door when opportunities knock. In this way, you will attract wealth and money naturally.

Someone once said, luck is when opportunity meets preparation. If you want to find money making opportunities in your life then you must be prepared to take advantage of them when they come. By doing so, you will be blessed with more incredible luck than you have ever experienced. Still skeptical? If you are, then you will hardly have any money making opportunies.

Tip 5 – Do something that makes you feel good
Do something that makes you feel good? I can hear you say that I don’t have to tell you this. Everyone also wants to do things that make them feel good. When you feel good, your energy and mood rises, you will feel optimistic and positive and these attitudes will attract more of the things into your life which make you feel good such as money and wealth.

Now that you know the mindset on how to attract wealth and money, keep these money making mindset tips in your mind and act on them daily. After a few weeks or months, just sit back and watch more and more money flowing to you.all about Love Healthy Money



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