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meditation in sleep



Meditation in sleep, Welcomes to this guided sleep meditation for deep and fast asleep. Perhaps you are here because you have trouble falling asleep.
Or possibly you are waking during the night and want to get back to sleep whatever your reason for being here. meditation into sleep

At this moment you are in the right place and at the right time. Thank you for being here and welcome. The idea of this meditation is to help you to release anxiety stress and responsibilities that we place on our day-to-day lives and so often carry with us to a sleeping moment.

This is your chance to allow yourself to let go of all your excess baggage and Simply. Be as you begin to sink into a deeper, more relaxed, and calm sleep.

mindfulness meditation

mindfulness meditation So before we begin to make sure you are comfortable lying down is recommended for this meditation, silence any alarms and notifications. and begin to create a peaceful state within the warm you are presently in making this place your own private sanctuary.

This is a time for your own needs to create an intention of peace close your eyes if this feels right and give your body and it’s muscles a chance to loosen relax and let go.

As each moment passes, you will see that your body and mind will be able to relax with greater ease some heaviness and overall the feeling of peaceful relaxation.

meditation in sleep

Completely giving and let go during this meditation if your mind wanders that’s ok. Your only job is to bring your focus back to the sounds of this meditation or your breathing meditation in sleep.


Some time mind is more active than others, especially during times of high stress.

If there was a constant thought that is pressing you just let it be. Noted this thought about working in tomorrow’s surrender to this moment as you begin to focus on your breathing.

Breathing in and out through nose but you’re comfortable natural rhythm nothing to change here allow each breath Breath by breath moment by moment, paying attention not only to your breath but the moments of stillness and silence between the inward and outward breath

Healing meditation

Heal your body especially your muscles naturally profoundly the more you focus on the heaviness of your body the more you sink into the floor or mattress that you are relying on if thoughts continue to float through your mind it’s ok

This is normal to happen throughout your meditation; our Mind has thousands of flickering thoughts each day.

And with this meditation, you are just slowing the mind down to begin to witness how fast these thoughts s wiz by no matter how many ideas cross your mind.

Focus meditation

Your job is to continue to return your focus to your breathing or my voice.
It’s time to relax and open your mind. You are shifting your focus now to the very top of your head. Sens the whole of your head. space it takes up the energy that surrounds it and even energy within.

We are made up of waves of energy ebbing and flowing. Release all tension in this area. And feel your head getting heavier and heavier sinking further down the relaxing rejuvenating and releasing.

Your face area your eyes smoothing out. Your forehead, releasing tension melting away. Your nose mouth and cheeks all softening and letting go.

Your mouth parting relaxin slightly and let go of any tension in within your jaw.
moving to your shoulders feeling them softening switches and around to your upper back your shoulder blades Neil all stress melting away

Relaxing meditation

release, if there are any knots in your shoulder blades, see if you can feel them loosening.

And time pressure being released using the focus now biceps down to your elbow becoming heavier and deeply relaxing now your wrist your hands right down to your very fingertips

softening soothing and getting heavier you may even feel the space between your fingers now you relax the deeper you go and the deeper you go, the sleepier you become

Just going in the sense of how your arms feel this time no judgment just awareness and explore this area soften relax and even release any pain that may be lingering in this part of your body

Scan body meditation

Now move your focus to the length of your spine from the top right down to the base of your spine your vertebrae healing relaxing spaciousness your lower back area as you breathe in and out. See if you can send the air coming going right down to the lower back and belly area. Expanding and contracting your belly area feel it softens release.

Your thighs and buttocks pelvis area tighten this area for a moment,

Hold it and now release allows it to soften and sink through to the floor.

The more you relax, the deeper you prepare yourself for sleep, the easier it will be for you to fall into a deep and relaxed sleep now.

shifting your attention thighs, they too begin to let go.
You may even feel them part more and drop to the sides.

Breath meditation

On your next breath, sending that breath all the way down as though you were breathing into your thighs inhale to exhale.

And paying attention once again to the spaces a silence pause between in breath and you’re out of breath that moment of complete stillness.

And shifting your focus down to your knees melting soften the tops of your knees and even the fleshy part on the underside of your knees relax and let go with your next breathing deep

relaxation and when you’re next exhalation breath out anything that you are holding onto let it all go and be in this present moment and on your next breath in permit yourself to deeply relax.

meditating for sllep
meditation helps you to focus relax and sleep better.

Lettin go completely and moving your focus down now muscles ankles and feet pay attention to how your feet feel have a tight restricted just give them permission to drop to the site release and

relax your feet if there is still time as you may want to tighten your feet or contents for a few moments and release let go your feet and ankles now

feeling softer and deeply relaxed but just a few moments now focusing on your entire body and tighten all muscles in your body

holding your entire body taught from the top of your head with face shoulders all the way down to your feet tense and then released it go and again tightening your body holding it all sorted as you can and release let go

How do you do loving kindness meditation?

breathing in breathing out and again now knowing your body deeply relaxing feeling heavier the allowed a more profound calmness to wash over your body now

begins to relax and the deeper the body relaxes your mind let’s go and relax is to you may still experience some thoughts wondering and this is perfectly ok acknowledge it and then allowed

just like clouds to building against a beautiful blue sky you just go back to your breath or the sounds of this meditation

Gratefulness meditation

now take a few moments now to focus anything in your life which were presently grateful for it could be as simple as the bed you’re in the roof over your head than your friends in your life appeared

that you laugh you may like to focus on work colleagues the regular store owner that you visit or the person that you agreed on the way to work each day we’ve already is never they are take

a few moments to feel the love will happen overflow love in your heart space area if you feel like it you could even take a few moments to bless them through a silent prayer of gratitude take a

Connection meditation

moment to recognize that you are part of this world and connected to ovaries if you live within a city area or out in the barn country areas there is no separation on the sleepy lizard that crosses the adored pathway

the rabbit that bounds and bounces through grassy Fields before that grows through a crack in a concrete wall they all live under
the same sun as you and all made from the waves of energy

fluctuating at various speeds central togetherness with all of these creatures and plants or sharing the one planet the beautiful thing is you are never alone you are all a part of this magnificent

Sublime so breathing

sublime so breathing in and breathing out and again when you’re next breathing laugh and on your next breath is bloodborne release any remaining tension as you feel this relaxation around

to watch all of you throughout you calming you soothing you and sleep calling out to you to let go any discomfort or even buying that you may have boiling melting away is each part of your body

drops into a deeper level of comfort know yourself to be too deeply let go of old believes that no longer serve you to be you or that you truly are this is more than enough spending these last

few moments being with your breath blowing your body mind and spirit to dive deeper into the depths of sleep breathing in breathing out breathing in and breathing out the chase off go

completely allow yourself to the motorway to be a part of the giant beautiful cosmos around you falling into a deep and healing

sleep you deserve this and allow the remaining music for the rest of this meditation to carry you deeper relaxed State of Mind and Sweep

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