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Mucusless Diet Healing System 5.4.12

Mucusless Diet Healing System 5.4.12


What I have notice in the last weeks, the cold that develop

got stronger for a few days.

The nose was running like a pipe for a couple days did not feel so fit.

Then the nose stop running and I felt better but the strange

cough continues it seems to be helping to remove mucus

from my chess the cough is not always there, otherwise I am fit.

I had quit a strong pain in the chess before I started

the Mucusless Diet Healing System

It is still but not quit as strong ,my joints are at this time free

from pain I lost weight but not much from the Tummy my woman

informed me that my arms seems skinnier than they used to be.

Over all I am feeling good in myself although I am not so

keen on losing weigh except from my Tommy but you cant

choose where the wait will be lost from.

Till next time no more to report for now.










Mucusless Diet Healing System 18.4.12

Arnold Ehret’s Said that the cleaning process using

the Mucusless Diet Healing System can take from 1 to 3 years

to be completed.

And I have been at it only for one and half moth not long but

I have notice that the body is light from feeling and some days

my skin seems healthier and younger. These are the 2 main

things that I have notice up to this point.

The chess pain seems to go and come and sometimes it is just

as strong as it was before I started the Mucusless Diet Healing System

the cough which develop since I started doing

Mucusless Diet Healing System is still there that is about a month now.

But I understand that it is the bodies attempt to clean out some of

the poison of my old way of eating.


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