pictures of a fupa

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pictures of a fupa

What is FUPA? According to the urban dictionary, FUPA is the acronym for Fat Upper Pubic Area or Fat Upper Pelvic Area. FUPA describes a phenomenon which is common in both men and women and exhibits by the pubic area storing excess fat. Panniculus is the scientific or medical term used to describe FUPA,,What is FUPA?  is the acronym for Fat Upper Pubic ,some  photos  visual fupa images GIFs & Funny Videos

FUPA definition varies, and over the years it has developed coarse and improper slang meanings to describe the excess loose skin and fatty adipose tissue located directly above or on the mons pubis. Mons pubis is the region that hair grows on during puberty. It is located just below your waistline but above the pubic hairline.

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CHALUPA is an acronym for Can’t Have A Larger P***y Area, commonly used interchangeably with FUPA to call attention to its large size in women. Increase in weight in a specific body area even when you not obese is justifiably disturbing and embarrassing for some. Losing the weight in your FUPA might not be as easy as you think but it is certainly possible.

Fupa might be less conspicuous in regular clothing but quite the opposite in fitness clothing or swimsuits. Its presence may lead to stress and uneasiness during intimacy. Most times the pubic area hangs low which adds to the bulge.

What does FUPA mean?

Various factors can lead to the development of extra fat in the FUPA, but the most common are genetics. Sporadic weight gain and loss also lead to pockets of loose skin and fat associated with FUPA. This is common in women who after child birth gain weight and experience muscle laxity in this region. Fast foods, processed meals, food with high sodium and alcohol increase bloating and fatty deposits as well.

sexy FUPA


Just as there are many factors leading to FUPA, there are numerous treatment options for the condition. Exercise, diet, stress reduction and in some cases surgical options can treat this condition.

Fupa Song

FUPA has hit social media with people posting pictures of a FUPA in various poses. A FUPA song has actually been released, and that goes to show that it is something that people have come to terms with.


Although most people tend to find, FUPA disturbing on a partner they are those that find it appealing and sexy especially it is not too huge. People also like to share FUPA images to create intimacy with their partners.


What Causes FUPA?

When you have FUPA, it is crucial first to know what causes the buildup of loose skin and fatty tissues in the upper pubic area. This will help you not only eliminate that FUPA but also take action to prevent its reoccurrence. FUPA results from different factors which include:

A genetic predisposition can lead to concentrated adipocytes in the groin area for some people. This means that even when on the same diet some people will have more fat in the chalupa than others. In cases where genetics is the cause of FUPA, it is rather difficult to lose fat from the pubic area than in other body parts.

Pregnancy leads to the skin above your pubic area stretching to accommodate the new creation in your belly. This leads to at build up in the area after birth because of muscle laxity in this area after child birth. It is imperative to note that not all women get FUPA after pregnancy.

Weight Loss / Gain
Deviations in weight from weight gain and loss around the pubic area is a common cause of FUPA. Obese people commonly suffer from FUPA due to rapid weight gain. On the other hand, rapid fat loss as after birth can also lead to FUPA. The loss of weight leads to the loose skin around the groin area.

Poor Diet
A poor diet will not only show on your skin but through it. Eating food high in sodium and sugar, processed and refined food is a major cause of chalupa. These foods increase inflammation and the formation of the chalupa. The intake of these foods leads to an increase in blood sugar levels. This, in turn, increases the release of insulin which leads to fat storage in the adipocytes.

High-Stress Levels
Cortisol levels increase when your body is stressed. Cortisol leads to low metabolism and high-fat storage. Some of this fat goes to the pubic area.

Bloated Stomach
The fat in your upper pubic area becomes more conspicuous when your stomach is bloated. Although bloating is generally as a result of indigestion, studies have shown that a bloated stomach can be as a result of high sodium intake. High sodium diets cause dehydration, and it is advisable to drink lots of water.

Weak Core
Weak muscles make it more likely that the fat in your upper pubic area will show. A strong and lean midsection means that there will be no fat deposits in the FUPA even when the genetic predisposition says otherwise.

How to Get Rid of FUPA
A small chalupa that is hardly noticeable under clothes is not caused major concern in most people. However, a major FUPA or as some call it a FUPA dupa can make activities such as clothes shopping, wearing swim suits and making love a horrible experience and lower your self-esteem.

You can liberate yourself from FUPA using no surgical or surgical options. Options that do not involve surgery are best because they bring with them benefits such as a change to a healthier lifestyle. Also, they barely have any side effects.

1. Change your diet

While trying to get rid of their FUPA dupa, most people focus solely on their calorie intake and forget the effects of the foods they consume. Below are some dietary tips to help you lose that FUPA.

Eliminate refined and inflammatory foods: As already stated processed food, sugary foods, alcohol and refined carbs are a no-no. You can sip a glass of wine instead of alcohol. The wine has resveratrol which is a compound that helps lower estrogen levels.

Increase you intake of Vitamin C: Fruits such as lemons, oranges, bell peppers, and strawberries are great sources of vitamin C which balance the stress hormone levels in your body.

Increase Omega-3 intake: Omega-3 reduces the stress hormone levels in your body. Walnuts, chia seeds, and salmon are great Omega-3 source.

Greek yogurt: It is recommended or people with chalupa to take Greek yogurt. It breaks down fatty deposits, encourages removal o fat deposits, tones your muscles and helps you eat less by satiating your appetite.

Capsaicin: Red pepper or cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which inhibits fat storage while increasing metabolism rate which in turn helps you burn more calories. Sprinkle some red pepper in your meals.

Cinnamon: This spice helps eliminate pubic fat by balancing sugar levels and preventing spikes in insulin. Add half a teaspoon of cinnamon in your oatmeal or smoothie. 2. Fupa Exercises
Exercise plays a vital role in getting rid of a chalupa. The main exercise goal should be overall weight loss while at the same time build the muscles in the lower abdomen between the pubic bone and belly button. The oxygen inhaled increases the more your heart pumps. Oxygen is required for fat breakdown. If you work out a few minutes a day the fats stored in your body break down. It is important to note that the wrong variation of exercises may leave your FUPA worse. Below are some exercises which you can add to your workout schedule.

Cardio exercise gets your blood and heart pumping which leads to weight loss. There are numerous cardio exercises that you can do to reduce FUPA. These include walking, swimming, jogging, hiking, playing tennis and running.

HIIT Training

HIIT is the acronym for High Interval Training exercises. These involve intense workouts that last for a few minutes with intervals between exercises. High interval training exercises are very suitable for reduction of FUPA mainly because of post exercise oxygen intake. The oxygen intake from high interval training keeps your metabolism rate and fat loss high for hours after your workout.

This kind of training will allow you to burn twice as many calories s typical cardio routines. This targets the midsection fat and tones your body. Jog for five minutes and the interchange with a sprint for one minute before another jog for five minutes and so on. Do this exercise or half an hour every two days for a start.

This exercise requires you to stay in a push-up position for about one minute. Your butt should be straight but below the shoulders and above the elbows.

Pelvic Thrusts
Thrusts help give you strong abs, tighten your abdomen and help you lose that chalupa. This exercise requires you to lie face up on the floor. Ben, you knees and keep your feet flat with your hand by your sides, and palms face down. Lift your butt upwards and tighten your abdominal muscles.

Mountain Climbers

This exercise is great to get your cardiovascular system active. Lie on the floor with your face down. Keep your knees on the ground and your arms straight. Without changing the position rise up slowly into a push-up position aligning your legs with your body. Move your right leg in the direction of your right hand until you feel the pressure in your lower abs. Repeat this with the left leg. You can do up to three sets and repeat twenty times.

Reverse Crunches
Lie on the floor facing up. Place your hands behind your head and bend the knees perpendicular to the floor. Pull your knees inwards to your chest and tighten your abdominal muscles. Release after one second and then repeat. The movement should be slow and smooth.

Upright Crunches

Stand up straight and put your hands on your hips. Pull in your abdominal muscles and bring your right leg up as far as possible. Maintain this position for one second. Bring your leg down and repeat fifteen times then switch sides.


Yoga exercises will help you improve your breathing and tighten your body. Gradually you will have a small FUPA, be flexible and fitter. Yoga relaxes your body and relieves stress. This, in turn, reduces fatty tissue build up in your upper pubic area.


3. How to Get Rid Of Fupa with Surgery
Adopting a proper diet, stress reduction and exercises should be the first course of action for the elimination of loose skin and fat in the FUPA caused by weight loss or gain and pregnancy. If these approaches do not give the results desired you may then opt for surgical procedures to reduce your chalupa.

Liposuction sometimes referred to as “lipo” is a minimally invasive surgical procedure for FUPA removal in mild cases of upper pubic fat. This procedure is relatively simple. Excess body fat that does not respond to exercises and diet is sucked out using a cannula and an aspirator. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

It is important to note that liposuctions are not recommended for the elimination of loose skin pockets due to weight loss or pregnancy. It is ideal for FUPA removal caused by resistant fat pockets.

It is normal for swelling and bruising to appear in the treatment area as it heals. A special elastic corset or compression bandage is provided to place pressure on the treatment. To prevent infection

Side effects: Scars at points of entry for the cannula and deformities due to irregular fat removal if done by an inexperienced surgeon.

This is a surgical procedure for FUPA removal. Monsplasty is also known as FUPA lift, pubic lift or a mons lift. The procedure involves tightening the underlying muscles by reducing the fat to give the area a smaller tight look. This procedure is usually done after a tummy tuck.

To decide on the best solution for you, it is important to seek advice from qualified and board certified professionals in this field. A surgeon will do physical and blood tests to evaluate if it is safe or you to undergo a procedure. Ask as many questions as you can and conduct thorough research on the topic.

Fupa Images
So far this article has explained how to eliminate FUPA, and it is clear that effective weight loss should give visible results. Here are some before and after pictures of a FUPA. The FUPA images compare how people look before and after undertaking ways of FUPA removal exercises and surgery.



With the numerous options available on FUPA removal, it is time to take that step and do something about it. However, a chalupa is nothing to be too worried about and definitely should not make you shy away from relationships.

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