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Styro Foam Exercise Roller

Styro Foam Exercise Roller

Styro Foam Exercise Roller is on of the roller we will take a look at, we will see what the roller is used for and in what way it can help you in your work out. We mention three kind of roller that is on the market and how the roller can be used.

You can find the foam roller in most modern gyms these days, they are often used near the end of your work out routine, may be you use one yourself or at least familiar with them.

But why use one what are they for? They have a number of function one of which is to help you develop good balance, they can also eliminate and prevent muscle knots. They can also function as a combination flexibility and massage tool, and core conditioning device.

The Styrofoam roller serves two noble purposes. Its functions as a combination flexibility and massage tool, as well as a challenging balance training and core conditioning device. Physical therapy supply shops were once the only place to find foam rollers, but as the trend caught on, fitness equipment manufacturers developed their own version of the roller. Fitness experts have different opinions about which roller is best.

Using Foam Rollers

Determining how you intend to use the foam roller will help you pick the best product for your purposes. Using the roller for massage and flexibility training involves lying on the device, rolling gently back and forth and allowing your body weight to sink into the roller. While it sounds like the firmest roller is the best choice, different people have different levels of tolerance for firm massage. If you tend to yelp when the massage therapist goes to deep, you might need a softer roller. Some high-tech rollers have different levels of intensity within the roller. These may benefit people who are less sensitive in certain parts of their bodies, but their uneven surface makes these rollers less suitable for exercise.

Firmest Rollers

There are a number of foam roller on the market there is the Firmest Rollers The SPRI EVA Foam Roller and the Isokinetics Black High Density Foam Roller are the firmest and most durable rollers

A Softer Roller

Then you have the Softer Roller the foam roller plus, which comes with its own carrying case, might be best for anyone who prefers a softer yet durable roller.

High-Density Foam Roller

You also have the High-Density Foam Roller this roller is good for people who practice Pilates, it is indeed Designed for Pilates core abdominal, back stabilization, and strengthening routines. The High-Density Foam Roller is firm similar in some ways to the SPRI EVA Foam Roller.

The kind of roller you choose will depend on what you want if you practice Pilates then you will want to take a look at the various rollers catering specific to Pilates. On the other hand if you are doing your own work out routine a lot will depend on you tolerance to massage for ex ample if you are the kind of person who find it painful when the massage therapist goes too deep, you might need a softer roller. Some high-tech rollers have different levels of intensity within the roller.

How is the roller use? It is quit simple Lie on your back on the foam roller. Cross your arms across the front of your chest and exhale deeply as you roll the middle of your back against the roller. This is a great stretch for your chest early in the morning before a run. It can be a bit difficult to keep the balance at the start of the exercise but you will get it with practice.

The above exercise is only one of many exercises that you can use the roller for you can Lie sideways or on both your thighs on the roller at same time. The roller is good for troublesome muscle knot.

Key Points for Specific Foam Roller Exercises

  1. Roll back and forth across the painful or stiff area for 60 seconds.
    2. Spend extra time directly over the knot or trigger point itself.
    3. Roll the injured area two to three times a day. For prevention of injuries, two to three times a week is recommended.
    4. Avoid rolling over bony areas.
    5. Always stretch the area following foam rolling.

Not so long in the distance past the physical therapy supply shops were once the only place to find foam rollers, but now you can get them from Amazon, and many other sport shops

We spoke about 3 different kinds of roller and where you can get them. We also mention how you might use the roller. We especially mention High-Density Foam Roller for Pilate’s practitioners. And we told you why you would want to use a Foam Roller.

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