how to get rid of hanging belly after c section

How To Get Rid of FUPA after C Section written  FUPA stands for Fat Upper Pubic Area. Due to stretching of muscles in the lower abdomen during pregnancy, most women will gain weight in this area. Many women want to know how to get rid of FUPA after C-section. Although it can be a bit difficult after surgery, it is possible to get rid of this accumulated fat using various methods.

Dieting is the easiest method you can use. Cut down on fattening foods which you do not need such as sugar. You can also gradually cut down on the portion of the food you eat. Foods rich in Vitamin C are good for balancing hormones hence you should take them regularly. They include oranges, lemons, and strawberries among others.

Exercise is another way to lose the fat. However, you will need to get permission from your doctor before you begin to avoid hurting your wound. Doing chairlifts and pelvic thrusts will help in burning the belly fat. If you can combine diet and exercise, you will achieve the desired results much faster.

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