how to flatten mons pubis naturally

FUPA is a colloquial name for fat upper pubic area, something many people struggle with. This becomes even more noticeable when one has lost a sizable amount of weight and is left with stubborn fat deposits around the pelvis area. Though having to deal with FUPA is not easy, it is not all gloom and doom. A lot can be done to considerably reduce adipose deposits around the pelvis area and get rid of FUPA for good. Below we discuss how to get rid of FUPA after weight loss in 3 simple steps.

1. Stick to the right diet

Just like when losing weight, you have to consider the right diet to get rid of FUPA. Stay away from grains, alcohol, and all other foods that are high in calories. Choose to take more of fruits and vegetables that are low in calories and work to reduce FUPA over time.

2. Engage in regular FUPA exercises

Exercises such as plank and crunches are known to strengthen the lower abdomen area and are great when it comes to getting rid of FUPA

3. Go for FUPA surgery

Surgery should always be a last resort after the above 2 methods have failed. You can opt to go for the less intrusive FUPA liposuction or go for Monsplasty, a procedure that though intrusive, delivers immediate results.


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