How To Lose A FUPA Fast Without A Surgery

The slang term FUPA has been getting a lot of attention online especially on social media networks. FUPA stands for Fat Upper Pelvic Area or Fat Upper Pubic Area. Many people are suffering from this condition and they would like to know how to lose a FUPA fast, and without needing surgical intervention.

Watch what you eat: Do not focus only on the amount of calorie that you consume, pay attention to the effects of foods that you eat. Wrong food choice can easily ruin all your hard work and effort to lose FUPA.

Avoid inflammatory and refined foods: It’s highly recommended that you avoid alcohol, sugary foods, and any other type of refined food. If you want to lose FUPA fat quickly, adding fruits, leafy greens and fish to your diet is a great idea.

Vitamin C: Studies show that vitamin C is very important when it comes to balancing the levels of stress hormones in your system. Fruits such as strawberries, oranges, and bell peppers are rich in vitamin C. It is therefore advisable that you take these fruits if you want to lose FUPA fat.

Exercise: Workouts that helps you to lose weight all over while building strength and muscles in your lower abdomen, especially the region between the pubic bone and belly button are highly recommended. High interval training, crunches, planks, and chair lift are some of the most recommended types of exercises that you can do.

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