swollen pubic area during pregnancy

How To Lose FUPA After Pregnancy, (Fatty Upper Public Area) is an extreme challenge in a woman who has just delivered a baby. Many new mothers suffer from excessive loose skin above the pubic area after having children. Most women often wonder how to lose FUBA especially after giving birth. The following are tips on how to lose FUPA after pregnancy;

a) Maintain a Healthy Diet
To keep fit and healthy, maintaining a healthy diet is a must. Your daily diet should include high quality and unprocessed foods. Processed foods such as white bread and white rice are known for interfering with losing weight. Processed foods may raise insulin levels, thus the body is likely to store fat. Reduce calories intake but increase lean protein, fresh fruits, and vegetables in your diet.

b) De-stress
Stress might result in gaining weight in the midsection. Therefore it is very critical to De-stress. The following are ways of relieving stress;
-Regular exercise
– Yoga and other hobbies.
-Take medication
– Include foods rich in vitamin C or omega-3 fatty acids in your diet

c) Regular Body Exercises
If a woman is willing to get rid of Fupa, she must embrace certain exercises that help burn the excess fat in this area. The exercises tighten your abdominal muscles, thus tightening the loose skin. Make sure to repeat the exercise of your choice at least three times a day, until you are satisfied with the results. The various exercises include;
-Pelvic thrust
To carry out this exercise, just lie down on the floor with face up. Keep your feet as flat as possible, bend your knees, and then keep your arms straight on the side. Lastly, lift your buttocks while tightening your abdominal muscles.
To exercise this, Get into the push-up position. With the help of your toes and forearms, support your body weight. Ensure your body is straight all the time. Perform the exercise 2 to 3 times per session.
-Others; Bicycle crunches, Reverse crunches and mountain climber.

Over the course of your pregnancy, your blood volume increases by about 50%. The increased blood flow can cause your vagina and labia to become swollen and feel tender. Your pelvic area can feel full and heavy, especially if you are standing a great deal

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