Abortion Pill Procedure | pill name

Abortion Pill Procedure | pill name
Abortion Pill | RU-486 | First Trimester Abortion Method

Life Begins at conception, Mothering begins at conception!

“Today I will be better then I was yesterday”

Remember that everyday is a new day and every min is a opportunity for change.

I am pro-life and pro-unborn human rights, I drawl no line between our unborn stages in development and Born stages in development! At the moment of conception we are all created equal and Good, life must be equally protected in our unborn stages as it is when we are Born!

Healing After Abortion

Abortion Pill Procedure | pill name
The pro-life position is not anti woman, we are anti kill a baby! The most innocent among us all!

In fact if life did not begin at conception and the unborn was merely a lifeless blob then abortion is nothing. But that is not the case a human life exists and a mother is also created.

In order for an abortion to take place a unborn baby, Human life must die!

Abortion = a dead baby! it can equate to nothing else!

We believe in Woman’s rights, but not at the expense of the Unborn Human beings Human rights!

Each one of my videos comes with this prayer, and blessing:
Please God, change the hearts, and minds of mothers, and fathers contemplating abortion, as well as those working in the abortion industry, and those who have had an abortion. Forgive them and change them, for they do not know what evil they do. God, please be with those who choose to give up their children unselfishly through adoption, and to those who love, and cherish these children as their own! May you almighty God bless them, and be with them always, leading all people to truth, In Jesus name Amen!

Oh my Jesus forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy, Amen!