Signs Of A Seizure


Epilepsy Symptoms — With 5 Signs to Help you Identify It!

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Hello, in this video I’m going to share with you what epilepsy is, the main symptoms involved with it and some supplements and alternative health ideas that help.

In the simplest of terms epilepsy is when seizures frequently take place. Now if you’re wondering what in the heck is a seizure, it’s when the brain sends out all kinds of weird signals, and a person starts to act strangely.

When I say the word seizure what is the first thing that comes to your mind? You might be thinking of someone shaking violently out of control. Almost like they were possessed by a demon from the “The Exorcist” movie. This doesn’t always happen. The shaking can be in one area of the body or, it could happen extremely gently, such as small shaking almost like someone had too much coffee to drink.

The fascinating thing with seizures is due to all the strange signals the brain is sending out, the symptoms can be all over the place. For example a person could be stuck just staring at an object or person for an extremely long time. Yes, if it’s an attractive person of the opposite sex, then perhaps you can cross off epilepsy.

Another side effect, which would be scary, is hallucinating like being on LSD. The interesting thing with the history of LSD is that Albert Hoffman invented the drug around the 1940’s and accidentally injected himself. He thought the amount was too small to do anything and rode his bike home. When he got home he freaked out really badly and drank tons and tons of milk because he thought that would help. What do you think about the drug LSD can it be helpful in certain situations or is it just a very horrible drug?

Other common signs of epilepsy would be strange tingling in an area of the body, losing consciousness, and a person could lose control over their bladder, which would not be pretty. So as you can see identifying this disease isn’t easy, but the important thing is that it’s a brain problem. The only way to truly know if someone has epilepsy would be to get some tests done by a medical professional.

Another thing to help you identify if someone has epilepsy is that the seizures usually are the same. If example if one time a person has a seizure where he stares off into space like a zombie for an abnormally long time, and the second time he does the same thing, then that is a warning sign.

We like to think that the medical community with all the technology, and people with big degrees know everything. The truth is the human mind is about as complex as the solar system, and the smartest people only understand a little of it.

Don’t lose hope, because the smartest people figured one thing out and are you ready for it?

Head injuries cause epilepsy and seizures. Yea you don’t have to be a rocket science to realize that right? So protect your head.

Other causes could be a virus or deadly pathogen and not getting enough oxygen to the brain.

To prevent this problem I highly recommend taking a good multivitamin supplement.

I know what you’re thinking you can get vitamins and minerals through food. The reality is that our food isn’t as healthy as you think. The reason why is because farmers do funky things involving chemicals to their crops so they grow faster, bigger and don’t get eaten by bugs. This helps the farmer earn more money, but doesn’t help with the nutritional value of the crop. If you were a farmer would you pick making more money or having more vitamins and minerals in crops? My point is made then right?

If you’re deficient or lacking in one vitamin it could bring about a variety of health issues such as epilepsy.

Another way to prevent this health problem would be by getting good rest and reducing stress.

What works for me is to breathe extremely deep and hold it for as long as you can. This is called Ujjayi breathing and really helps you health and instantly makes you feel calm. Seriously, do it right now,

Additionally, I highly recommend a good omega 3 supplement and studies show that it can help.

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